Thanks for checking out the shop! Brandless Rescue Goods is a 100% non-profit organization. Since 2021, we have donated over $22K to the rescue world, and beyond. Brandless believes in good people, the power of community and the importance of full transparency and inclusion. We also believe that there's strength in numbers, that you can do anything you put your mind to, and that mermaids are real.

It started in 2020 and two friends made tie dye t-shirts, dog bandanas, and scrunchies to raise money so we could save more dogs. We sold out fast. We realized people love to shop, especially for a good cause. Rescue organizations are so busy rescuing that there's not always time for merchandising, so in 2021, we decided to make brandless merch and distribute the funds across several rescues (hence brandless)! We try to keep it positive because sometimes rescue can be really sad (and also quite stressful!). We aim to spread good vibes, good practices, and good news because the earth and the people and animals on it need it. 

In 2022, we saw a shift. No matter how much money we gave to rescues, the dogs kept coming and the adopters started disappearing. Adopters went back to work. But what about the dogs? Where are they all coming from? In 2022, we strategically researched and became more aware of the root cause of dog and cat overpopulation, and aim to strategically make an even bigger impact with the dollars we make through supporting spay and neuter clinics in impactful and effective ways, without disrupting the communities that need it most. It was a learning year, and amongst all of that we were still able to donate $6K+ to the cause, including sponsoring our first Spay and Neuter Clinic in Mexico and setting-up a volunteer program to allow people to participate in clinics while learning about animal overpopulation in a Mexican community, while also gaining authentic cultural experiences.

This year, we got involved in local TNR efforts in rural Ontario communities in addition to looking into Spay and Return programs in rural Canadian communities where resources are sparse and dog overpopulation is a danger to humans. We also grew our volunteer community base, and are focusing more on in-person events which help us expand awareness in areas and to people we otherwise would not reach.

Every single dollar we make in profits gets donated to the cause. We genuinely believe (and know from experience) that dogs and cats bring an unmatchable joy to human lives, and we want to do the same for them. Thank you for shopping, and spend your hard earned money knowing all your dollars go towards a good cause.

Did you know that with every online purchase, we are also committing to planting a tree? Thanks to an organization called One Tree Planted, it's our newest commitment in 2023!


Victoria Hinde: Victoria is one of our longest supporters and now a huge part of our community. She is always one of the first people to purchase new merch that we launch and it sparked a conversation about her getting more involved. She now supports our Social Media presence and joins us at events! You'll also see her rescue cat Toby on our socials :)

Ada Mok: Having volunteered at several rescues, Ada (and her tiny bestie @monsterthebatdog) are well known. She's driven hundreds of kilometers picking up dogs who would otherwise have no future and is incredibly versed in the realities of rescue. All the while, she has her own company making ridiculously delicious dumplings - @feasto! We're stoked she's willing to help create content, source new merch, and has proudly represented Brandless at three events. Fun fact: her dog Monster was the inspiration and creator of "The Monster shirt".

Ryan Mohammed: One of the newest Brandless recruits! Currently a team lead with @fetch_and_releash, Ryan continues to further devote time to rescue by bringing BIG energy to the Brandless pop-up tables. What we love most about Ryan is his passion both inside and outside of rescue. While he's one of our newest volunteers, he's quickly becoming a prime face, and BRG hype man! Check him out at @mohampton.

Rachelle Labonte: We met Rachelle at an adoption event for Fetch & Releash Dog Rescue and hit it off immediately! She asked if we could use some help, and it was a no brainer. While she's a rockstar dog mom and a Foster Coordinator, she's also at our events and has ALL the treats. Follow along her foster journey at @rachellefosters!

Lindsay Walker-Chiarelli: Tarika met Lindsay through volunteering at a local GTA based rescue and kept in touch on socials. She reached out after Brandless had a call out for volunteers on Instagram, and has taken over managing our online orders! She has a huge heart and a soft spot for mexi-mutts; can you blame her?

Leslie Wyatt: Made her way through the rescue world, and is known to be the ultimate cat foster. She's raised several kittens (at the same time!) and adult cats too, including taking in a stray! As if all those cats don't keep her busy enough, she's been a foster coordinator and is now one of our most reliable event volunteers. You'll recognize her at our event tables from being on our Instagram rocking the merch (@foster_rescue_furries). 

Ann Sandra: From being a rockstar foster, to a foster fail, to helping out with foster screening and at intakes, and now an Adoptions Lead, we can't be more grateful to have Ann on board. While her dog Gregorio tends to steal the show, Ann is known for welcoming everyone at Brandless events with a big smile and is always up for helping out! Ann was a supporter at our first Brandless event at Trinity Bellwoods and after a DM on Instagram just over a month ago, she's already helped out at a number of them, and joined us at our Pilot program for the Spay and Neuter clinic in Mexico!

Ria Singh: After reaching our to a family friend about wanting to support rescue efforts, Ria was directed to us, and we were so excited to work together. She's the energy behind a lot of our stories and reels, and at our events! 

Significant Support

Throw me a bone: Helena and Justin are HUGE fans of BRG and what we do. It's the first storefront to consistently carry our products and we are super excited about that! For every Brandless item that they sell in-store, they purchase our online store option to plant trees! We can't say enough good things about Throw me a bone. They don't just support our small business, but so many others! If you're near High Park, you need to stop in!

Henderson Brewery: They don't just have great beer, but Henderson's always gives us space to set-up a table, allowing their customers to come see what's up! We've been there over five times since our first time last year, and we are truly grateful for their kindness and encouragement to come back! Also, as a bonus, the staff their is top notch.

Banjo Cidery: what a gift it was to be connected with Banjo Cidery. We've now held fundraiser pop-ups there several times and we love going back; on top of that, they’ve graciously donate $1 per bottle sold on the days we're there! We've raised hundreds of dollars that we otherwise wouldn't have due to their hospitality, and their incredibly cider, good vibes, and welcoming energy always makes it feel like home.

Pivot Dog Biscuits: we met Nathalie from Pivot Dog Biscuits at a market in Guelph, and we are ever so grateful! While we could spend forever raving about her all natural, handcrafted dog treats, we also want to acknowledge her generosity. After the market, Nathalie asked to partner with Brandless and has launched numerous fundraising campaigns towards our cause! This partnership has truly been a pleasure to work with. 

We have had several individual generous monetary donations from people who really believe in what we do, and for that we are eternally grateful. If you feel it in your heart that this is a place you want to make a generous donation, please send us an email and we will work with you to 'decide how we can multiply those dollars!