The Funkytown Experience

Volunteer at a two day spay and neuter program and gain a first-hand understanding of a community's overpopulation situations, while also experiencing some authentic Mexican culture. This includes a visit to our partner shelter which consistently homes over 200 animals, all waiting for their freedom flights to Canada.

Optional: be a part of the change by flying with stacks of dog crates back to Mexico, and dog crates WITH DOGS back to Canada (that's right - you will literally be their freedom flight parent).


Cost: $1,000 CAD

  • We recommend you fundraise as much as possible as people are always looking to help, and it also raises awareness. Our team will provide messaging and material for you to utilize within your networks.
  • This includes transportation in Mexico (including to and from airport), most meals, your overnight stays, preparation, and 300 hot dogs to hand out at the dog shelter, an authentic Lucha Libre experience (a professional live Mexican wrestling match!), and a very sizable donation to the local organizations in Mexico.
  • Note that there is a 15% discount per person for groups of three, and a 20% discount per person for groups of four; this is due to the savings in shared bookings and an encouragement to recruit friends!

Not included: your flight, some meals, travel insurance (recommended)

Itinerary: Friday  - Tuesday

  • Friday = arrive and settle
  • Saturday = spay and neuter clinic
  • Sunday = spay and neuter clinic
  • Monday = visit to Funkytown (dog shelter) and authentic Mexican cultural experiences

We recommend groups of two or four sign up for any of the below set dates. We will try to have groups of four for all dates if possible. This maximizes the impacts of our efforts as well as the donation to the local community. None of this would be possible without the partnership of The Dog-Go Project and the Funkytown Shelter located in Puebla, Mexico.

A detailed itinerary is provided upon request for serious inquiries.

Available Experience Dates and Current Spay and Neuter Clinics for 2024

April 14-15: No sponsor

May: Sea Paws Rescue

June: Full Circle Rescue 

July 13-14: No sponsor

September 7-8: No sponsor

October 19-20: No sponsor

November 23-24: No sponsor

If you or your group are interested in sponsoring (funding) a spay and neuter clinic which safely and responsibly operates on up to 100 animals in two days, please send an email to: info@thedoggoproject.org.


If you want to learn more, please send all questions and concerns to brandlessrescuegoods@gmail.com and we would be happy to provide you with answers! At this time of inquiry, a more detailed itinerary can also be provided.